Friday, 10 February 2017

Haters gonna hate - but can they do Math?

Direct Selling is a Scam! 
You only make between 20-40% that’s ridiculous! 

Statements like these make me laugh and you know why?  Because I used to have a “real” job, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, let me do some math for you.
If you work in retail for 8.5 hours and serve one customer every 5 minutes and each customer spends $20 you have generated $2000 for that business.  If you receive $20 an hour (and a lot of people get less than this) your boss pays you $170, Congrats!
Now let’s break that down –
$170 = 8.5% of the products sold!
Or if you like - To earn $170 direct selling at the BASE commission level I need to sell $850 which using the same formula as above ($20 every 5 minutes) means 3.5 hours work.
Of course you might disagree, you might work somewhere where you don’t need to sell that much or you get paid much higher, then congrats to you (don’t ever leave – it’s a nasty world out there)

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